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Inspired by their first dog adoption, a couple embarks on a cross country journey to expose the rampant neglect of dogs, and the profit culture that supports it, while discovering the everyday heroes who work tirelessly to improve the canine condition and change human lives.

What begins as an exploration into the over-population of homeless dogs in the United States, becomes a deep dive into the expansive and disturbing problems regarding the treatment of “man’s best friend”.  

Each episode is a journey with a trustworthy 501c3 dog rescue organization or advocacy group based in the United Sates. We highlight the why, where & how to adopt or help a canine family member. We show you the outcome of the positive difference that these organizations are making around the country.  Our advocacy extends beyond the documentary and into our podcast. We are boots on the ground in action. There are many ways to help solve the problem of overpopulation, abandonment and euthanasia of innocent, homeless dogs in the United States. Embark on this docu-series journey with us. Season One is 6 episodes ranging from 10-22 minutes in length. Our Podcast also titled The Canine Condition is available on all podcast listening platforms. 


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