Discovered | Episode 1: The Journey Begins
After the adoption of our first dog, Dublin, a female Pittie Great Dane, our unexpected journey begins! Shaken by a social media post, we head from our home in Los Angeles, California to Georgia. We visit The Laurens County Humane Society in Dublin, Georgia where SAVE THE 200 had been the talk of the town. The shelter was over capacity by 200 dogs and the department of agriculture gave them 30 days to home those dogs and get down to capacity or start euthanizing. We find our new family member Huckleberry among the 200, and the journey leads us to a reality we could not ignore. Similar scenarios are prevalent all over this country's shelters. We could not pretend not to learn this. We had to take action. This is when our true mission was born. We were determined to find out who is saving and safely adopting all these homeless dogs? How and where can more people help improve The Canine Condition of the U.S.? Find the answer with us as we continue our journey around the country in episode 2. Cast: Jacqueline Pinol, Jonny Blu. Director: Jacqueline Pinol


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