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NLC Virtual Church


NLC Virtual Church

Our Mission

New Life Christian Ministries is a Baptist Church located in Marietta, Georgia.  With New Life Christian Ministries the call, the task, and the job that God has given us is to build a strong Christian foundation. Our mission is to build it as led by His Holy Spirit.   Christ is the center and cornerstone upon which we build. 


Our purpose and our mission is to:


  • Lead Others To Christ Through Evangelism
  • Study and Teach Sound Doctrine Through Christian Education, and
  • Demonstrate Christian Love Through Our Missions



To fulfill this high calling we pray for the FAITH that will give us the VISION to see the light in times of darkness, the STRENGTH when we think we are weak, and the KNOWLEDGE to know that Christ will never leave nor forsake us. 

Simple and Convenient Giving

The purpose of this site is to provide a simple way for friends and members of New Life Christian Ministries to give to support our mission.   


You may give via your mobile device, computer, or via text.    You are able to apply your giving to general Tithe and Offering,  or to specific areas such as Missions, Sunday School,  etc.   


To begin just click or by texting to  (770) 830 - 3332.



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