5 Amazing Rewatchable Movie Franchises

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5 Amazing Rewatchable Movie Franchises


5 Amazing Rewatchable Movie Franchises

5 Amazing Rewatchable Movie Franchises

You must have watched movies from the following ranked franchises at least once in your lifetime. The thing is if you have watched them once, you cannot stop rewatching them on repeat. These franchises have become part of our lives and our usual conversations do include dialogues like "This drink; I like it! Another!"...Yeah, you said it in the exact tone. lol. Another, "I am Groot". Well, if you have been thinking that you have watched every single genre movie including even those spoof movies and you are out of stock than best you could do is rewatch movies from the following franchise that are genuinely rewatchable.

Give it a try, you won't regret it. So, here's the list of 5 Amazing Rewatchable Movie Franchises

#5: “James Bond” Franchise (1962-)

This franchise has been popular before we were even born. One of the most famous and oldest franchises that made us say "Bond, James Bond" is the one in which one cannot really lose interest. The exciting role of fictional spy played by different legends, the hot and smart lady protagonists, and epic villains have become the role-models for many people from generations. So what's stopping you? Enjoy this epic spy drama and spend your day well. 

#4: Marvel Cinematic Universe (2008-)

Marvel Cinematic Universe is not just a franchise but a pop culture holding roots of entertainment in various countries around the world. The wide variety of heroes and characters in multiple genre movies like a political thriller to Space opera, this franchise has been serving masterpieces for a long time.  So, whatever genre you like, jump onto the couch, turn off the lights, and its time to rewatch a movie from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

#3: “Harry Potter” Franchise (2001-)

No doubt, every time you watch the Harry Potter movies you can't resist wishing a letter from Hogwarts. Harry Potter movies have shaped our childhood, they have been an integral part of our lives. The cool aspect is, on rewatching Harry Potter movies you will be stunned to know that you have missed a lot of minute details before unless you already are a potter head. So, watch and revise the spells from Harry Potter.  

#2: “The Lord of the Rings” Franchise (2001-03, 2012-14)

You play the movies from “The Lord of the Rings” & “The Hobbit”  and boom! you are immersed in the magnificent cinematic experience and heart-pounding battlefields. This franchise has got legendary characters like Galadriel, Saruman, Gimli, and rewatching them is the best decision you can make to pass your time enjoyably.

#1: “Star Wars” Franchise (1977-)

Ah, obviously. Star Wars franchise is in our top list and you don't doubt it, we know. Every single character, dialogue, suit, superpowers, how those work, and whatnot, these things flow in our veins. And every time you watch it, this franchise makes sure that you are enjoying it wholly. So yeah, grab some snacks and yell the dialogues before the character even open his/her mouth.



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