The Purge Finding Peace And Balance In A Chaotic Environment

Dr. Delvena R. Thomas,


The Purge Finding Peace And Balance In A Chaotic Environment


The Purge Finding Peace And Balance In A Chaotic Environment

The Purge - Finding Peace and Balance In a Chaotic Environment

Join Dr. Delvena, Psychiatrist for another episode of Therapy Thursday. Tonight's one hour session is dedicated to finding a solution for the chaos that we've experienced during the pandemic and during the last four years. Join us for another Therapy Thursday as we discuss the state of America including her racial inequalities, social injustices and the resultant effects on Black America. Poetry, spoken word and a panel moderated by Dr. Delvena to discuss how to find peace and balance in a chaotic environment. 
National Civil Rights Attorney Lee Merritt joins the discussion to update us on the legalities of police brutality against Blacks. 

The panel features the following guests:
1. Marlena Ellis, law student Roger Williams School of Law, C/O 2021

2. Dr. Kia Everett, PhD in Christian Counseling and the CEO/Founder of Mental Health Urgent Care Center and Finding Your Way, LLC

3. Minister Cheryl Coleman, associate minister and the Founder/CEO of Abundant Living Health & Wellness Resulting Services, Inc, a non-profit organization

4. Conswello Davis, Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern (RMHCI), doctoral student, author, entrepreneur, public speaker, social justice advocate, and trauma specialist

5. Alisha Woodall, a licensed psychotherapist and postpartum doula located in Dallas, TX. She is the founder of Finding the Foundation

6. Herdyne Mercier, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Certified Grief Coach, also the host of the "Redefining Grief" podcast



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