Tempt To Fire (comedy film)

Ash Davito,


Tempt To Fire (comedy film)


Tempt To Fire (comedy film)

Single playboy and struggling actor “Phillip Cox” finds himself unfulfilled in his career and love-life. After getting dumped by his famous ex-girlfriend “Valerie Mills” for a rich director, Phillip also loses his dream job. In-spite of being unemployed with a broken heart, Phillip remains hopeful and determined to reach for the stars. While job hunting Phillip lands a temporary position teaching Theater Arts, along with his best-friend “Mooch” as a janitor at Goon Middle School. Sparks really fly when Phillip pursues a romantic interest with his beautiful co-worker “Zenobia”. A series of comical events unfold as Phillip struggles to keep his temp-job, find love, and live his dreams in this comedy-romance film TEMP TO FIRE.

Written, Directed, Produced by and Starring: Ash Davito, along side with Rodney Bigham, Eddie B., Merlisa Determined, Terry Grossman, Eden Liwanag, Jennifer Cotton, Evan King, Rich Williams, Evangeline Gabriel-Young, Michael A. Jackson, Ralpheal Marshall, Susan Nguyen, Troy Parker, Eva Cotton, Jalene Mack, Ashleigh Kendall, Tayler Middleton, Tempestt Norwood-Ellis, and Derrick Pittman. 



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