Teaser of Thundercat on Bass Nation

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Teaser of Thundercat on Bass Nation


Teaser of Thundercat on Bass Nation

Teaser of Thundercat on Bass Nation

Two legendary musicians are sitting together and having an enlightening discussion...now that's something you should definitely not miss.

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It is a known fact that Stanley Clarke is a ground-breaking musician. And when this legendary American bassist & film composer sat with Thundercat, an extremely talented American bassist, singer, and songwriter who is on the road to becoming an iconic artist, then the conversation they had on 'Stanley Clarke's Bass Nation - Episode 2' is nothing less than fascinating & awe-inspiring. Here's a teaser of that interesting conversation.


Trust us, you are going to absolutely love this beautiful discussion between these two incredible artists. Filled with thought-provoking insights, this conversation is surely going to inspire you and give you a different perspective about being an artist that you probably didn't have before. So mark your calendars as this mesmerizing conversation between these two great artists is going to be released on Discovered on the 15th of April 2021. 

Are you excited to watch and enjoy the whole conversation after watching this teaser?

Tell us what you think about this teaser in the comment section below. Also, please share this teaser with your friends, so they can also be ready to watch this beautifully insightful discussion between two legendary artists when it gets released. And don't forget to visit Stanley Clarke's channel. He is an iconic artist and a music visionary who creates the most amazing content that you will surely love.



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