The kid plot - Ol

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The kid plot - Ol


The kid plot - Ol

The kid plot - Olé (Official Music Video)

Step aside everyone, the KING @thekidplot has entered ?

We can't seem to help it, the legs just do their thing listening to "Ole" 

Feeling dull? This song will definitely make you feel energetic, fearless as the Kid Plot is always killing the raps! The way he has switched up his flow, then started getting bouncy with it and then absolutely killed that popping beat...we LOVED it!

Yo!! killed me with the beat and brought me back to life with the lyrics ???.
This song is so addictive! I just can't stop listening. The flow is impeccable! Featuring now on the home page of Discovered, go stream this dance-floor anthem and have a fun party at home all by yourself mixed with some quality me-time. 

There are some BARS in this drill and we’d love to get to know which bars are your favorite in the comment section below ? Hype up the day of your friends and family by sharing this superb song with them. And do make sure to check out The Kid Plot's channel. Kid Plot comes with great lyrics, always killing the beat with no apology. We thank him for this amazing song! 



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