Roi Anthony- Shout Me Out ft CubanPapi

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Roi Anthony- Shout Me Out ft CubanPapi


Roi Anthony- Shout Me Out ft CubanPapi

Roi Anthony- Shout Me Out ft CubanPapi

Birthday MOOD!!!

Birthday celebrations come in various different styles, colors & forms, and this song can be an absolute banger for your birthday party, no matter how you decide to celebrate it.

Hi there! How are you today?

We believe in holding on to our inner child as we grow older! And there are a lot of great reasons to cheer for another year of life and celebrate it! And with this awesome song titled "Shout Me Out", Roi Anthony with his team #CubanPapi #Bstreezy #YLuck brings you the same awesome vibes in a song that is perfect for your birthday bash.

If your birthday is around the corner and you are still in quarantine, then you don’t have to be sad. A birthday bash can be a party of one, and you can still enjoy it very much. We all know that we can’t party outside right now, but you can have your own ‘partay’ inside with this song, which is an absolute B'day banger. This song has an outstanding production, great lyrics, praise-worthy vocals, and an awesome vibe, that gets you all-singing and all-dancing. 

This incredible song is featured on the home page of Discovered.TV right now. Tell us your thoughts about this fantastic song in the comment section below ? Tag your friends and family members whose birthdays are around the corner & help them celebrate with this awesome song. And don't forget to check out Roy Anthony's channel. He is an amazing artist who creates incredible content, which you will surely love. 



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