Interview with George T. Nierenberg

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Interview with George T. Nierenberg


Interview with George T. Nierenberg

Interview with George T. Nierenberg (Sharon Baldwin)


George T. Nierenberg is an acclaimed Director and Producer whose career has spanned the worlds of independent features, network & cable television and corporate productions.  He is also President at GTN Creative & GTN Pictures. George is known for his ability to create visually strong stories that bring out the humanity of their subjects; and reach audiences on an emotional level. His work has been described as unique, creative and focused. Throughout his acclaimed career Nierenberg has been telling stories passionately, memorably and powerfully.

Best known for NO MAPS ON MY TAPS (1979), Emmy Nominated, THAT RHYTHM, THOSE BLUES (1988) and NEON LIGHTS (1992). During the 1970s and 80s, Nierenberg was one of the great documentarians of his time with brilliant, loving films of little-known performers who have devoted their lives to their art.

His award-winning documentary, SAY AMEN, SOMEBODY (1982), theatrically released by MGM, made stars of longtime gospel singers like the late Thomas A. Dorsey, who is affectionately known as the father of gospel music; and the late Mother Willie Mae Ford Smith, one of gospel’s pioneering female ministers and performers; as well as a mentor to young singers.



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