Discovered | Do this Before Your Dog Meets Your New Baby

Do this Before Your Dog Meets Your New Baby


Do this Before Your Dog Meets Your New Baby

Dr. Mary Gomez Chambers, DNP, CNM, RN a board certified nurse midwife who has participated in over 1500 births, cared for women from 86 different countries in over 46 different languages. In this video, she gives you a key tip that your birth team can help with to make the first meeting between your dog and your new baby go smoothly.

About the Author: Mary Gomez Chambers, DNP, CNM, RN has been present for over 1500 births and countless other laboring mothers during her 23 year women's health career. And now has dedicated her career to educating women on the birthing process, teaches patients how to advocate for the birth that they desire and gives pregnant women the tools they need to gain (1) Knowledge, create (2) Community and find (3) Life Balance as they transition to the magical world of motherhood.

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