5 Titles To Binge If You Loved Hamilton

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5 Titles To Binge If You Loved Hamilton


5 Titles To Binge If You Loved Hamilton

5 Titles To Binge If You Loved Hamilton

If “Hamilton” is love for you then these 5 titles are the next binge-watch. 

If you haven’t seen Hamilton yet then trust me you are missing on a gem. Hamilton is an inspiring and entertaining American musical now available on Disney+ which will never fail to leave you in awe no matter how many times you watch it.

Filled with bundles of great quotes, each and every dialogue will leave you saying “I felt that”. As for me when Hamilton said, “if you stand for nothing, what’ll you fall for?” I felt it.  Basically it’s a story remembering the forgotten American Founding Father Alexander Hamilton who once said “Raise a glass to freedom, something they can never take away.” and proved it in the journey of his life doomed from poverty to rise to power.

But for all who had already enjoyed this amazing musical, and desire some entertainment-packed series, here’s a list of another 5 stunning musical drama series which u can binge watch any time.

1.Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

An American romantic musical comedy-drama television series that successfully ran for four seasons is a story of Rebecca Bunch, a successful young woman who impetuously gives up her life in New York and moves to California in order to find love and happiness. The story runs on the plot of Rebecca meeting her Ex-boyfriend and then following him back to California and doing all the crazy stuff to get him back, to get some love.  It’s charming and depicts much of human relationships. It’s quite fun watching all of it.

2. John Adams

A 2008 American television miniseries narrating the life of one of the USA’s founding fathers, its second president, and the man who unites the states of America, John Adams describing political life and his role in the nation’s first 50 years. It’s elegantly shot and quite educational starting with the Boston Massacre of 1770, followed by his years as a European ambassador and further his terms as vice president and president of the United States, up to his death on July 4, 1826. So if you’re looking for some history revealing stuff John Adams is quite a good option.

 3. Zoey’s extraordinary playlist

And now if you are looking for something extraordinary, something different here is Zoey who brings in a different version of entertainment.  How often do people read other’s minds, yeah I know it’s not possible until it’s Zoey? In this ecstatic and exultant drama, Zoey Clarke a whip-smart computer code, after an unusual incident starts to hear the deepest desires of the people around her through songs. It is fun watching Zoey’s unwanted curse turning around as a wonderful gift. After all, every heart wants to sing a song, and its only Zoey in this whole world who can listen to all of those.

 4. Turn

Running 4 successful seasons on AMC “Turn” delivers on the promise of undercover operation thrills. The story screens-in the incidence from 1776 to 1781, and brings in a farmer from Setauket, New York, and his childhood friends who later form a group of spies called Culver Ring which leads to adventures and nail-biting thriller suspense. So if you go crazy for thrills and suspense, Turn is the best shot you can give on to.

 5. Jesus Christ Superstar Live In Concert

So if you are looking for some audacious performances resourcefulness and soulful depths there is a no better option than Jesus Christ Superstar Live In concert, an American musical television special completely sung-through, with minimal spoken dialogue. The plot is mostly based on the Canonical Gospel’s accounts of the last week of the life of Jesus Christ

Enjoy these amazing series while you are at home, and get an entertainment-packed roller coaster ride full of fun, history, love, happiness, wars, politics, drama, and everything you need...



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