Billy Sorrells - The Last of My Kind Stand Up

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Billy Sorrells - The Last of My Kind Stand Up


Billy Sorrells - The Last of My Kind Stand Up

Billy Sorrells - The Last of My Kind Stand Up 

If life hands you lemons, then add vodka and make hard lemonade...!!

Hey there! Is everything good with you? 

Losing loved ones is always painful & we all cope with grief in our own different ways.

So after losing his father, in the moments of grief when Billy Sorrels hit the stage, he did something only a highly spirited and extremely talented comedian can do. On stage, Billy showed us his true comedic emotions while being vulnerable to a heavy feeling.

Heartfelt comedy at its best ??

We have so much admiration for Billy Sorrells for putting on an emotionally moving show that can not only make you laugh but also cry. Billy's passion for life shines out on us as he brings amusement from a heart-touching & quirky place. We loved what Billy offered us in this amazing stand-up and we hope you enjoy it too. You made us all emotional & jolly at the same time Billy, and we thank you for that! 

Did you also laugh & cried at the same time while watching this incredible stand-up? Share your thoughts with us on this amazing stand-up in the comment section below. And sometimes we all are in the mood for crying & laughing out loud, right? So please share this amazing video with your loved ones & make their day a little brighter as well. And don't forget to check out Billy Sorrells's channel. He is an extremely talented artist and we are sure that you will absolutely adore his content.



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